A Story from the Past


Two days before Christmas, SHE lights up dozen of candles she found from all over the house. She spread them all through out the living room, put an instrumental CD in the boom box. Her tears were falling as the music started. She closed her eyes and started tapping her foot to the beat of the music as the tears were rolling down her eyes…She stepped backwards in an attempt to dance.
Nobody’s here anyway, she thought. No one will be watching her. She smiled at that, somehow the tears stopped for a second….before it started rolling again…

Paris, France….a wonderful place to be…
“Hmmmm, I wish I was there now….right now.”

The music continued…she was slowly swaying to the beat of this beautiful music. She raised her hands, imagined she was dancing with a very mysterious man…but somehow familiar, very familiar. Who knows it might come true someday…she chuckled, as she sniffed and brushed the tears from her face.
She opened her eyes and looked around her. She was in the middle of the living room. The Christmas tree was elegant this year, not too much ornaments…just white ribbons and a star on top of it…she seems to be in a sea of lights, while the candle flames are swaying to and fro almost dancing to the music. her eyes were sparkling, maybe because of the tears…or maybe because of the reflections of the candle lights!
I HAVE SURVIVED SO FAR! But I still need to get a life…” she sighed in a whisper.

She stood there in the middle of the living room and just soaking her surroundings. She is home alright, but somehow it does not feel like it. Of course there was something missing. But who cares, missing someone is just a part of life. Everybody misses someone, specially on Christmas! It’s nothing new.
A familiar sound started playing next…SHE found herself humming to the melody and before she knew it, she was singing and dancing with the music in the middle of the living room.

She was lost in her own world of music and fantasy for now. She did not care even if somebody was watching her. She was spinning in her own little paradise, for now!

Oh, she danced…she sang, she laughed…her tears still rolling down…once in a while she would brush the tears from her face with her sleeves, sniffed but still tapped those feet…in her own world, in her own fantasy….!!!


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