Heaven (To Me)


I have been thinking about Heaven for quite sometime now. What is heaven? Is it a state of mind? Is it a physical place where people will and can stay in? Is it just a need for gratification from the sufferings of this world? Regardless of what you believe in, of what you believe Heaven is and how it’s like, there is one thing that we, believers would hope to be in, Heaven…

Somehow I like what the movie “What Dreams May Come” depicted Heaven is like. I know it’s all Hollywood, but I like the concept of their “Heaven.” It should be where our dreams comes true, in it’s purest sense. Not selfish, greedy, lustful dreams, but pure dreams of the heart and soul when it was still on Earth, a place where we can start all over again, where we may not forget… but we learn to forgive.

A would imagine that Heaven is like a place of rest, rest from the hustle and bustles of material longings, where we cease to need more than enough, a place where we can read a book from cover to cover, a place where people are not slaves of time. A place where people talk to and with people not talk ABOUT people.

I imagine it would have a lot of trees, birds… where people can stop and actually hear them chirping. I would not imagine my Heaven would have lions and tigers ans snakes in it, even if they’re friendly…I think I would still get scared of them, LOL!

Do you think Heaven will have some musical instruments, like guitar, Drums?! Why is it that our depiction of heaven only have pianos and harps? They should have Saxophones and Trumpets, and ukuleles and all kinds of musical instruments, again may I remind you… THIS IS MY HEAVEN, please do not add YOUR HEAVEN in mine… 🙂

Anyways, Heaven maybe a state of mind, it maybe a place, an actual physical place- either way, I’m fine with what I believe heaven to be… Keep on believing!


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