Sentiments (Part 1)

To make you feel good,
I made a fool out of me;

To make you believe,
I climbed and fell for you to see;

To get your attention,
I cut my barriers, undid my walls

You did not hesitate,

You laughed at the fool.
You did not believe,

You pushed me down still.
You turned and looked

For a second I thought you noticed,
But you walked away…

If you push me farther,
I will push you more.

If you turn away from me again,
I will rebuild my wall.

If you say you’re tired of me,

I will close my door.
I will not let you feel guilty

By lingering around;

I will not let you remember,
I will not even be found.

You will sing your own song

No, you will not be bound!
If we go our own separate ways,

I will open the door for you.

Rip my heart off, you might someday,
I won’t show you the blood…

I will put a mask, I will put a smile,
Behind all the heartaches and lies!


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