A Poem– Hotel Rwanda

I made this poem after seeing the movie HOTEL RWANDA….it’s a very strong movie and people will agree to that! It will move you….but to how long?….and after that…WHAT then?

Color me from my feet to my head
Please do it, I don’t want to bleed!
Put lenses on my eyes, dark ones…it’s fine
What the heck do you care, if I cross the line?

You smile at me, you think you know…
You eat in your SILVER platters,
while others killing their foe…
“Who’s the enemy, punish them!”…”ohh, how sad, Why didn’t they do something?”
Still you sat on your golden chair, complaining your meat ain’t lean!

“God help them,” you mumbled as you go to sleep,
Back in the east, in the west….they shudder and they creep!
Screaming and crying on a bad dream…”How terrible!”
While others walking on dead corpses, eating food that are not suitable.

“Of course I don’t want evil,” I say…
“But there’s nothing I can do about it,” I shrug away…
Another news, another war broke loose…I don’t care.
I’m safe, I’m comfy, I’m full…I got no time to spare!


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