A 15 Year Old Keepsake

I opened my Facebook today, all of us had gotten into this addiction online nowadays, mine is Blogging! Anyways, I saw a photo with me tagged on it, it was not anything fancy…you know how people tags you in FB with no reason at all sometimes, businesses do that to sell their goods…well, I was tagged with this particular photo, I looked at it closely and it was a picture of a Rosary, not the whole long beaded ones but the one that you can just wrap around your hand…with 10 beads on it, and you go around it five times…if you are a Roman Catholic, you will know what I’m talking about…if not, just pretend you know what I’m talking about…lol.

It was from one of my older friend, OLD does not mean he’s old (as you can see in the picture)…I’m old, but he’s not! A friend from way back, 15 years back….we’re still friends of course, thanks to facebook, connecting nowadays is very easy… a lot have grown between us, I came here to the US, I hardly communicated with him…or anybody in that matter.

I first saw Edward in the cemetery, WIERD but the truth…lol! He was gathering waxes from all different candles around him…we were doing the same too, my cousins and I. In the Philippines it’s a custom during November 1st, what we call “Halloween” here in the US, we go to the cemetery and make time with our dead loved ones…we bring food, we offer prayers…we drink and get merry! Drink and Merryreally it’s an understatement… but something like that! He was this lanky, good looking teenager gathering candle waxes on the adjacent tomb! Hahahaha…it sounds creepy! I took interest on him right away…the candle light made his face so animated, and so beautiful…he almost look like a little boy!

To make the story short, I found out later on that he was my best friends’ (Janet) cousin…what a coincidence! We became friends…I liked him a lot, he was always easy to get along with…moody sometimes, but very easy to make friends with…very easy to make up to with! We would go anywhere, but mostly we would hang around the church yard! Hahahaha….I remember those times!

A lot have changed since then…I went away for so long now, even my best friend does not even know me… even my own Mother does not even know me… I’m a mother myself, I have 5 kids…things have changed a lot on my part, went through a turmoil…but hey, life is what we make it, so live and let live!

When I saw that photo of the Rosary I gave to Edward a long time ago…it brought back a lot of memories… memories some of them I can’t remember…they seemed like a dream almost already. Some of them is vividly drawn in my head… For him to keep this token for that long, when I myself could not even keep most of what I had that long…it’s an inspiration!

Thanks Edward….for the BOOST OF FAITH by showing me A 15 YEAR OLD KEEPSAKE!


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