He Said What?!

My husband works from home once in a while when he really needs to, but at one point he used to work remotely from home…he used to go to office maybe three times a month, when really needed, so he was more in conference call, sometimes all day, especially when there is a big project coming up.

A very funny thing happened three years ago that always tickles me when it crosses my mind. He was working as a support for one of the major project for the then-company (now merged with another company) he works with and other guys which by their voices I learned to distinguish who was who!

I’m always in and out the room giving him his breakfast, lunch, snacks…etc. That particular day (it was lunch break) I was in the room with him, watching him play a game in P2 (thats what he does in between work)..LOL. He was teaching me how to fly a WWII plane, the phone was on, so the conference was going on, sometimes it could go beyond midnight…until now it still does! Of course the game was on mute, and the phone too…

He gave me the control and he was watching me, telling me how to drop torpedos, and bomb some destroyers…Just then a voice from the phone said something that to me sounded like this: “I’m ready to unload. I’m shi**ing on my desktop.” My mouth dropped…my husband asked me what’s wrong, I crashed the plane by then…it dove on the water! I said…“did you just hear what he said?” he answered, “Yes,” with a serious tone…I said, “That guys said…I’m ready to unload, I’m shi**ing on my desktop!” He stared at me for a second and we both rolled on the bed laughing so hard…He then told me that the guy on the other line said: “I’m ready for test load, I’m sharing my desktop.”

Well…that’s me and my overactive ear…with an over active imagination!!!


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