Come Rain or Come Shine

Here is a song I don’t mind hearing most of life until I get old….

  • Come Rain or Come Shine
  • Walking on River District in Savannah, GA reminds me of this song! It’s B. B. King and Eric Clapton. I never really thought about Eric Clapton as a Blues Musician, but as I have learned and listen to his older songs and his former band “Cream” the more it takes to another world of music called “The Blues” — for me, I consider it another world…it creates people, that’s what happened to Elvis, of course Pink Floyd got their Band name from two Blues Musicians, and of course Eric Clapton… it’s an art, playing the Blues is a freakin’ Art!

    To actually experience this beautiful, powerful, passionate Genre of Music you may have to linger around the South, or even stay awhile! For people like me who grew up in another country, I get to hear all kinds of music, I enjoy most of them… Folk Rock especially. The Blues wasn’t my favorite and still not my favorite, but when I listen to selected few, it takes me somewhere, sometimes eerie… it takes a hold of me, it’s kind of a beautiful and old musty feeling, I can’t really explain it… but I would not mind feeling it over and over again!

    Living here in Georgia, very different from where I started from, (California and Arizona)… I thought I never have to visit anywhere else around US to know about the country, it’s all over on TV! Coming here to the South and going around places…it’s beautiful, old majestic and beautiful! I don’t think I’ll ever get over it…it may not be where I dream I want to be, but this is a place I definitely want to stay awhile!


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