A song I made in 2006, which I would never imagine I will be dedicating to you, Daddy. I miss you so much… I don’t want to let you go because I’m scared I will forget you, your life, your face, your smile, everything about you… I have brushed shoulders with death a few times in my life…I’m not bitter at it, it’s kinda like rain that pours and sometimes it feels like forever…you wait for it to pass…This is the second “Pouring Rain” in my life…and I’m still waiting for it to pass…


If you happen to pass this way again
Could you pass by my side
If you happen to look this way again
Could you please smile at me

If you’re looking from heaven at me now
Could you send me a sign
That you still think of me once or twice
And the times that we had

I don’t wanna forget your face
I don’t wanna forget your smile
If heaven knows best
Then heaven would know
How you mean to me

If you happen to know what lies ahead
Could you please guide my way
I would stay in race with steady feet
Knowing you’re by my side

Repeat Chorus 2x

For all the loved ones I lost…this song is for you too, we will meet again…one way or another, when, how, where—heaven only knows!


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