Sims 3 Making it “Easy”

As I said before, my family are gamers. When Sims 3 for Console came out this week, since we already pre-ordered it, we got it out the day it was put available on the stand!
Now, I cannot let my kids play whatever games they want, I’m a gamer so they know they cannot fool me either! It’s one thing to buy your kids all these gadgets nowadays and let them play without your supervision, work takes your time, games take theirs…why not spend time together on something that they like doing and compromise that if you play their term, they will play your terms…that’s how we get them to keep their grades (2 of them are in gifted class, one is coming along and the youngest is 2 yrs old–maybe the youngest Ken Block fan ever…LOL), attitudes and habits, chores in check. I know parents does different styles and tactics when it comes to raising children, these ones work for us.

My eldest and I had been playing Sims 3 ps3, while the others like it on PC. I prefer not to cheat, but sometimes it’s too hard for the kids to do it, so I give them the cheat codes for money to make it easier for them, not too much or they’re not allowed to play anymore, how do I know, because I play too… The Sims game gives them a taste of what it’s like when they grow up, get a job, be out on their own…we had all The Sims Series (from1 to 3).

We had been looking for cheat codes and I guess I thought because it’s new it’s not anywhere online yet. We tried experimenting all kinds of stuff, pushing button combinations that would be likely to be used, no luck at all. We tried following the Sims 2/ps2 pattern combinations…didn’t do a thing, it only messes up the game…LOL! But finally, with determination we found it! It’s

L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

When pushed simultaneously a popup will tell you that “SPOOT” (it’s a Llama) is now available for you to use and it’s in your Decor-Miscellaneous. You have to get him or buy him and put him somewhere around your house. Click him and get all the cheats that are available through him. It will disable some Challenges and Trophies too, but I’m not sure yet.

Anyways, good luck to all of your who plays, may it be on console or PC.

Just an addition, we are “Outside” players too…we play Kart racing, Tennis (my husband has some divisions wins) ans Soccer. We’re not couch potatoes…LOL!