About Me


I came from the Philippines 9 years ago. I did not know anything about computers ‘xcept Microsoft Word…LOL! It took me a long time to learn what I know today. Thanks to my husband, he’s in IT…he made sure I learned how to make an html page at least.

The comparison of life here in the US and in the Philippines is unfair, if you ask me. We are talking about a 3rd world country and “the” country the world look up to. But I could tell you this…in my sleepy little town is a church older than the first city established here in the US!

Beach from end to end. Pure shiny white sand, untouched ocean breeze, that was the place I grew up in. Our little town who nobody really knew, has the island Magellan first set foot when he arrived in the Philippines, Homonhon Island.

I used to gather gas masks and all kinds of WW II “stuff” in my backyard and made it my collections. We still have the Airport which after bombing Japan, Enola Gay landed and refueled. I learned how to drive there…car and bike!

I maybe here in the US, but my heart is very much a part of that small tiny town. I lived and cherished all those history that has shaped the people in the town…I’m proud to be one of them.


This is what I always tell anybody when I introduce myself, “I’m Segunda…but you can definetely call me Glenda, in fact I insist!” Why? it’s a long story. I’m the oldest of four siblings, two girls and two boys. I grew up with my Dad away ( he was working abroad-a Chief Engineer on a fuel tanker ship ) most of the year. But the time when he was home was always a blast!

I went to highschool in a quite old prestigious Catholic School, quite old that my Dad and my Mom were Allumnis of that school too. My brothers went to seminary school, not because they wanted to be priests, it was just the way it was supposed to be, I guess…that was what I used to think.

College days in my time means…far from home! I went to Cebu City, Philippines for that, which is-by the way, the oldest city in the Philippines, as old as St. Augustine in Florida. With all respect to the people who like Manila City…I just can’t live the way you guys live! Cebu reminds me more of a Province than a city. Air is not yet that polluted…in my time, that is. I don’t know now.

I came here when I was 23 years old. The life that awaited me here was quite an experience. I still can’t believe I made it through alive…LOL! But, all I can say is “Live and let live!”