Her Favorite Gran Turismo Car

OUR FAMILY are gamers. From the Granpa to the youngest, one game we always play as a family is Gran Turismo. Every month we have what we call a “Family Tournament” where everybody compete with each other and get prizes for the winner. The championship competition is usually held in a real racing event like Go Carting…and so on! Everyone of us has a collection of cars. Mine for example- I have about 67 cars in my GT garage, I have about 17 convertibles and other ones. My personal favorite is a Nissan Micra (not distributed in the US). Simone is very particular on colors, she likes everything that glitters, purple or pink, and small. It does not matter if its the lowest class of the brand…she has a few collection of her own, but she loves to drive this one, Its a purple Hundai. She took some pictures of her car while she took it out for a ride…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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