Photos #autoAwesomeMotion (Animate Gif)

I’m enjoying the new stuff google does with photos. They do this animated GIF when you upload to Google Photos 3 or more consecutive snapshots of images/photos. Here are some examples, it’s COOL!




Here are some of some of a few more Google did with my winter photos!




The Reunion

An original song by my band- Clusters of Grey

The inspiration of this song came to me when I befriended a fellow musician through an online Music Group who collaborates, exchange ideas, give and obtain feedback about their songs…etc.
He and I became quite close and he told me about his personal experiences.
Now, that fellow is my husband and he’s my bandmate and we’ve been making music with 4 kids and the relationship is still growing with the help of some tasty Masalas (he’s Indian)! 🙂

The Comedy of Life


“Give and it shall be given”—
You feed your soul.
But do you really do it,
Or you think you’re a fool?
“Love your neighbor, as yourself,”
You hear it everywhere,
When you don’t even smile at the lady
In the bus next to your chair!

“Redemption is near!”
You hear it on your radio.
Do you even bother to stop and think
When you die where will you go?
“Salvation, Salvation for everyone!”
Shouting in the streets as loud as they can.
You wonder Salvation from what,
Salvation from who?
Ahh, you think you’re still too young,
You still need to grow!

You work hard, you pay your bills;
You party when you have the chance!
Life is a-fleeting enjoy it as much as you can;
Your life is yours, so you thought—you don’t need anyone!
You’ve been hurt here and there. Heck, life is unfair;
You believe what you can, You do what you will!
Friends and Foes alike, you can’t trust them now a days,
You laugh the whole day, at night you look at your face!

Then one day you bent to tie your shoes,
Your back starts to strain, you thought you just need a boost!
Falling hairs, lines on your face, you’re getting tired,
Loneliness has sipped in through your heart and mind!
Still you say, Heck, what does it matter anyway,
Life is a-fleeting enjoy it as much as you can!
For maybe tomorrow or the next day you might be gone;
You’re happy to know that you lived and laughed—
You thought you were the envy of everyone!


You wake up gasping for air,
Life was leaving you—no more cheer,
None beside you, no one to share—
How you wish, she was there, but you left her somewhere!
You start remembering while you’re clinging on a thread,
Did she say we had a SON, you wonder where would He be?
What kind of life he’s leading now,
God, let him be safe you hope and pray!

Then you started mumbling something,
You can’t figure out what?
Only your mind knows, only your heart feels
Cause that’s all you got!
You sucked more air, you trembled in fear,
A drop of tear fell from a dry eye as well!

You see darkness enveloping you
From the corner of the room,
Your fist was gripping tight on the bar of your bed,
Black shadows dancing like ghosts with eerie moves,
A cold wind blows from nowhere
Showing petals from a black rose!

The blackness started suffocating you,
You grasp for air but you might as well let go!
You’re still scared, you’re still hanging on—
Your mind, your heart—
All your senses felt like it’s going to blow!
You draw your last breath—you draw your last straw!