I Hate you and I don’t even Know you

Having access and opportunities to engage with a large variety of people and cultures sometimes can be a bit over whelming. All the sights, sounds and smells can become unnerving and paralyzing.

Perhaps you come from a certain background where you are groomed to certain thoughts and behaviors that just don’t allow your mind to be open to things unlike yourself.

Too light, too dark, too loud, too quiet, too cheery, too somber, too mean, too positive, too skinny, too fat, too religious, not religious enough. The differences are vast. Clothing choices, foods that are consumed, musical interest, languages. All things that can build beauty but also can build hate….

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If Music is the Food of Life- Let it Play More!

Music had always been a big part of my life, and it had been a big influence to me.
Music in a way of communicating, expressing… it’s very powerful.
There would be times when my mind just want to burst with everything that was going on in my life,
walking in the streets, two kids in tow- thinking how could my situation ended up like this?
But I never forgotten how to sing! My heart was always singing…picking up notes, after notes.
With every sound of an engine passing by…the laughter of the homeless children around me at night.
The raindrops splattering on my head while walking on a cold December night.
Music, whatever form it came to me- I embraced it like an old friend…and it was.


When death came knocking on my door, I thought music left me for good.
But it was everywhere, even stronger though I was running away from it.
Finally, I gave up and let it embrace me once again, it’s familiar echo in my ear,
it’s wonderful touch on my heart…then I realize, Music was GOD!
The only way I could understand, was through music…so HE can and always be with with me.Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂